Rory Mckellar is an award-winning film director with over thirty years of experience spanning the television, commercial, and film industries based in London. He was brought up in an artistic commune in the heart of Kent, England. With a fine art background, Rory chose at an early age to focus on filmmaking. By the age of sixteen, he was employed by TVS as a runner. Film studies were carried out simultaneously while working professionally, graduating from the University of Westminster Film School in 1999.

In his early career, Rory developed a strong factual background, working globally on documentaries and non-fiction entertainment for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, NBC, HBO, and Discovery, before taking on roles in development for the BBC and Channel 4’s documentary departments,

Rory’s passion for the arts returned with a focus on music promos for artists such as Gold Heart Assembly, Madness, Cliff Richard, Say Lou Lou, and Pixie Lott. The commercial industry was what Rory felt was “a natural progression in the visual arts”, spearheading campaigns and directing for the likes of Range Rover, Mclaren, Hyundai, Sony, Vanmoof, and Pepsi. His awards include the Cannes Lion, the Creative Circle Prize, the Marketing Excellence Award, and Adweek’s “Viral Director of the Year”.

Rory has gained recognition in the film industry for his shorts films with Official Selections at the BFI London Film Festival, the 54 Film Festival, and the International Film Festival Dhaka. He won Best Director at the Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival in 2016.

Rory’s debut feature film, “Aquatilis”, is complete. He is currently working on a second feature film that continues a strong environmental message, a calling that will define his future works.